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Treating Dogs Like Family

Let’s be honest: whether you’re raising a puppy, integrating a new dog or coping with long-term frustrations, living with a dog can be a overwhelming. The good news? Your dog is more like a kid, willing to please and cooperate, than an untamed wolf! Research now shows dogs are mentally and emotionally equivalent to 2-3 year old children, able to learn words, count, feel and reason. Thankfully, the age of top-dog, dominance based training is coming to an end. Phew!

Meet Sarah Hodgson, aka the Dog Mommy. With 30+ years experience, and books and blogs to her credit, she knows first-hand that dogs are, in many ways, very similar to young kids: they just wants to fit in and have fun! Using a trademark blend of wit, compassion, and proven skills Sarah communicates instructions clearly, directs behavior compassionately and rewards success lavishly. Her students — both two- and four-legged — feel valued, confident, connected and smart.

Who is Sarah?

Sarah Hodgson is a dog trainer and an associate certified dog behavior consultant with the IAABC. She's available for private lessons, group dog training classes, lectures and media appearances in Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield Counties.

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