Love for all Creatures, Great and Small

As previously seen in WAG
My daughter is studying Greek culture in school and so, by extension, am I. I’m relearning the gods, the philosophers and the mythology. And while I’m loving every minute of it, I’m patiently waiting… Read the rest

Thorns to protect the rose, part III

In parts one and two you met Milo, my little board-and-train student. In the beginning, I had trouble connecting with him but Milo was an unusual rescue and I was his last hope. After three days of frustration, an incident… Read the rest

Thorns to protect the rose, Part II

Part II — Milo Enters My Den

Before we traveled a single mile, Milo began to whine and spin. Then, despite a long walk before crating, he peed. I pulled over and peered into the crate. This frail, odd-looking little… Read the rest

Thorns to protect the rose, Part I

Can an undernourished, mistreated puppy overcome his fear and confusion to find love and understanding?
Though I rarely take phone calls while I’m on the road, I put Karen on speaker phone and let her talk. Referred by a close… Read the rest

Tails of the City

As previously seen in WAG Magazine
For dog owners living in New York, it’s hard to choose a favorite from the long list of personal services. Is it the gourmet meals and custom beverages? Maybe the abundance of personal… Read the rest

“Critter Candidates” for the family pet…

As seen in WAG Magazine

Every fall, my house becomes campaign central. Speeches are given; promises made. The lobbyists scramble to show their candidate in the best light. But this year, it’s a tough sell. The candidate is a rat.… Read the rest

Tis been an interesting week

I’ve lived in the suburbs of New York City for most of my life. I can’t remember needing to prepare for or fear hurricanes but times (and the climate) have changed.
When the news reports of a “Frankenstorm” started to… Read the rest

Who Moved My Mouse?

When I saw this title as I bumbled around my twitter feed I cracked up.  Of course it helped that the little thumbnail  had a cat staring out at me and not my husband who’s quick to frustrate when the… Read the rest