Can dog school be fun? Absolutely — join Sarah and see!

Sarah offers small group dog training and puppy kindergarten classes (limit 8 participants) to puppies and dogs of all ages in Greenwich CT., just off route 120/Merit in the meeting room at the Glenville Fire House. Ample parking, fields and roadways invite class trips and exploration, though all classes begin indoors.

Using dog training and puppy raising techniques based on love, structure and socialization, you’ll learn to guide – not bully – your dog as you build a relationship based on trust, respect…and fun!


Puppy Kindergarten

For puppies age 3 to 5 ½ months. Each class begins with a 10-minute, off-leash romp. Commands are introduced in “lesson spurts:” short, puppy-friendly 2- to 3-minute lessons that can be repeated throughout your day and involve rewards, play and positive interaction. In this class, you will learn how to condition good behavior and resolve common puppy frustrations like chewing, housetraining, nipping, and jumping.

Beginner Course

For older puppies or untrained dogs of any age, this course works on basic directions, socialization and problem solving. Each class ends with a question-and-answer period to address common frustration like continued housebreaking efforts, jumping, digging, barking, leash pulling, running away, etc.

Advanced Off-Lead

For socialized and experienced dogs, this course focuses on off-leash control as well as Pet Therapy certification preparation. This course is both challenging and liberating! Knowing how to act while your dog is off-leash is just one of the many secrets you’ll learn in this advanced course.

Pet Therapy Class

This class gets you and your dog ready for Pet Therapy work in nursing homes, hospitals, senior and children’s centers, libraries and other facilities. At the end of the course, you may take the certification test to license your dog for Pet Therapy. Sarah has over 15 years of experience in the Pet Therapy field and offers personalized instruction to her two- and four-footed students.

Trick Training

Why teach your dog to do tricks? Because it’s fun! Most dogs will jump – literally – at the chance to perform. In this class, you’ll learn the fun art of trick training and see how basic obedience can be transformed into magic! Open to dogs older than 6 months who have basic obedience skills. Dogs with aggression issues are not accepted for this class.