Picture This…
You call your dog off leash. She comes obediently and happily with tail wagging.
You walk your dog on leash. He doesn’t pull-your arm remains attached to your shoulder.
Family mealtime. Your dog goes to her place.
You leave to do errands. You return to a pee-free, un-chewed home.
A guest arrives. Your dog sits for a greeting.

Impossible? Nope. You can do this. Your dog can do this. And it can be easy and fun. All you need is understanding. Communication. A little positive reinforcement dog training. All you need is Sarah Hodgson.


Puppy Consultations

Puppies bring so much into our lives. Joy. Laughter. Carpet stains. Chewed-up shoes. Get a handle on your bundle of joy with one invaluable ninety-minute session!  You’ll learn basic routines and problem solving skills. It’s never too early to begin, and the benefits will last a lifetime.


Pre-Puppy Consultation

You’re excited about getting a dog or puppy…but you’re a little nervous, too. What breed is right for your lifestyle? Rescue or purebred? Male or female? Is your house ready? Your kids? What about food? Leashes? Crates? Yikes! Let Sarah be your guide as you begin your search for the perfect puppy for you and your family. Choosing and raising a puppy is a big responsibility. The time you spend getting ready will make a big difference.

 Behavior Improvement Consultation

Ready to hit the puppy panic button? A ninety-minute one-on-one session is the fast and easy way to solve your canine crisis or puppy predicament. Whether your issues relate to in-home frustrations like housebreaking, jumping, nipping or excessive barking or to outdoor aggravations like leash pulling, ignoring come, dog aggression or chasing behavior — if your dog is doing it, Sarah can address it.

Follow Up Lessons

Some puppy training and conditioning efforts or advanced training techniques may require follow-up and fine-tuning. You can schedule one-hour follow-up meetings with Sarah as needed or purchase a money-saving bundle. Sessions are suitable for puppies or dogs and will follow the goals outlined during the initial ninety-minute lesson. Sarah will work with you until you meet your dog training goals!

Lesson Bundle Discount

Sarah’s extended, five session training package takes you and your dog from beginner to expert in a series of fun and informative lessons that build on your growing knowledge. This discounted package is tailored to you and your dog’s specific needs and is available to you once you’ve completed a Puppy Consultation or Initial Behavior Improvement Session.


Phone Consultation

Got the pre-puppy jitters? Wondering what dog breed is right for your family? Do you need help housebreaking your puppy or advice about jumping, barking or chewing? Calm and reassuring dog training advice from an author and renowned dog-training expert is just a phone call, Skype or iChat away! A 30- or 60-minute phone session can resolve these issues and answer your questions in an efficient and cost-effective way. Click here to get started.

*Sarah cannot address aggression in a phone consultation. Aggression is a serious issue that must be discussed in person with an experienced professional. This service does not offer medical advice or is it intended to take the place of veterinarian care.

Trick Training

Why teach your dog to do tricks? Because it’s fun! Most dogs will jump – literally – at the chance to perform. In these lessons, you’ll learn the fun art of trick training and see how basic obedience can be transformed into magic! Dogs need basic obedience skills to begin trick training. As many as three tricks can be taught in a lesson and while practice is required to gain perfection, practice if fun–no matter how many legs you walk on!


Agility One-on-One

These session give you the inside scoop on Agility and its many joys. You’ll learn the lingo and work on the equipment — all within your home, fenced enclosure. You’ll also learn off-leash skills and Agility moves that will help you and your dog improve and increase your communication, your bond and your all-around fun-ness.

This five-session course includes an initial ninety-minute lesson and four one-hour follow up sessions.