Like many of her clients, Sarah is a crossbreed. An experienced dog trainer with a classical education and twenty-seven years of hands-on experience working with pets and people, she’s also a busy mom, a pet-obsessed mom, a concerned mom. Because she walks in both worlds, Sarah is able to identify your concerns as she gives you insight and solutions into training and refocusing your dog or puppy’s reactions.

When did she get started?  At an age when most kids were babysitting or mowing lawns, Sarah Hodgson was starting her career.  At 10, she taught her own dog to jump through a tire swing and pull her on skis. At 12, she was showing her neighbors how to do it and a dog trainer was born. In 1988, Sarah opened her professional practice in Northern Westchester County NY where she continues to help families in the tri-state area train dogs, condition early puppy cooperation (as young as 8 weeks old or in pre-puppy counseling sessions) and demystify dog behavior.
Sarah received her BA in biology with an emphasis on animal behavior and psychology.  She is an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (IAABC), co-host of her own dog training radio show–Your Dogs Best Friend, a blogger for the Huffington Post, a popular guest on radio and television shows, as well as a contributing columnist for multiple magazine and newspapers.  She is also an author of nine best-selling dog-training manuals, including Puppies for Dummies and Dog Tricks and Agility for Dummies.

Ask Sarah what she enjoys most?  “I love time at home with my family- those with fur and those without, and helping people one on one with their dogs.  It’s great to wake up each day and feel the passion of time well spent!”