Sarah Hodgson

Dog Trainer • Applied Animal Behaviorist •
Media Personality • Author • Columnist • Radio Host

What Happens When
You Can Talk To Dogs?

If you’re Sarah Hodgson, you
embrace your gifts and build a
company around it.

When Dogs Talk™ is the brainchild
of dog trainer and certified Applied
Animal Behaviorist (IAABC),
Sarah Hodgson. Begun in 1988 and
built around her uniquely effective
dog and puppy training methods,
WDT™ promotes Sarah’s training
methodology, her radio show,
lectures, books and training

Sarah’s knowledge, experience and
love of dogs (and people!) influences
every aspect of her company. Her
books? Informative and easy to
follow. Her products? Ingenious and
useful. Her private counseling and
group dog training and puppy
kindergarten classes, articles and
lectures? Fun and effective. Even
the logo reflects Sarah’s upbeat,
happy style.

When Dogs Talk…Sarah Listens™
is more than just the name of
Sarah’s company. When Dogs
Talk™ is Sarah.

A well-respected dog trainer,
Applied Animal Behaviorist, and
experienced public speaker, Sarah
Hodgson hosts her own radio show,
Your Dog’s Best Friend, and
is a frequent contributor
to network and cable television.
Sarah blogs for the Huffington Post
and her byline appears
in numerous publications. She has
appeared as a guest expert
on NBC, Animal Planet, Fox,
CNBC, and CNN.

Sarah is available for interviews, lectures,
and speaking engagements of all
kinds. engagements of all kinds.

Sarah Hodgson • • 914-241-1111 •