Quick reads to help you train and nurture your dog and resolve everyday problems like housetraining, chewing, jumping and nipping. These fun and informative tips also cover topics like pre-puppy or dog evaluations, teaching fun tricks, first few days with a puppy…the tips are short but the list is long…and growing!

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Dog Training

Finally, we’re experiencing warm, dry days! It was a long winter and everyone — kids, dogs, puppies and grownups — are itching to get outside.… read more

Pre-Puppy or Dog

A puppy may be the only relative you can choose! Here are some quick tips to ensure the one you bring home has a temperament and personality to love for a lifetime.… read more

Problem Solving

Tick season is particularly bad this season. Here are some tips on keeping your dog tick safe this summer!… read more


Potty training is hard step for puppies. Their internal regulation is one gigantic step towards independence.… read more


  As anyone who has ever loved a dog or cat can tell you, touching a pet relaxes the spirit in ways few other things can.… read more

Tricks and Agility

Sharing your life with a dog should be fun. Training doesn’t have to be laborious or overbearing-there are many lessons that can be folded into play time.… read more